Five Reasons Why Fixies Are Better Than Your Bike

Venice Fixies' Graffiti is definitely better than your bike

Venice Fixies’ Graffiti is definitely better than your bike

By now, you’ve almost definitely seen people riding fixed-gear bicycles. This could be at your college campus, on your favorite boardwalk, or rolling down the main strip of the freshest new gentrified district. The clean frames, bright colors, and general flashiness are enough to grab anybody’s attention, but they’re so much more than that. Fixies represent unbridled individualism at its finest – I can guarantee none of those colors happened by accident. Fixed-gear bicycles have been around since the beginning of bicycles themselves, with the freewheel coming later and derailleurs not becoming popular until the middle of the 1900’s. This tried, tested and true method of human-powered propulsion is one of the most efficient forms of cycling. These trailblazers clearly have the right idea; so why aren’t you riding a fixie yet?

They’re Efficient

Fixed-gear bicycles are much more efficient than their geared counterparts for a host of reasons. When you’re trying to push your geared bike along you’re losing a significant amount of energy in your drive train, and even more so if the bike has suspension. Think of it this way: Each time you begin pedalling, the chain needs tension to be applied, to engage the freewheel, to spin the cog, to spin the wheel. Compare this to a fixie, where your chain is always properly tensioned, there is no freewheel to engage, and all of your effort is translated directly into forward motion. This means it takes less energy to move a fixie than it does a geared bike.

It has also been said that riding fixed will help you perfect your pedal strokes, helping you get the most power out of every stroke you make.

They’re Responsive

Riding fixed is popular for a reason. Ask any of the fixed-gear purists why they ride fixed and most of them will say, among other things, fixies offer control that you couldn’t dream of on your geared bike. Given that fixies are direct drive, the rear wheel allows you to constantly gauge road conditions, scrub speed without touching your brakes, and even roll backwards when you need some low-speed maneuverability.

They’re Inexpensive

Fixies have fewer parts, so naturally they will cost less upfront. The ticket price is just one aspect to consider though. If you’re riding a department store bike frequently, you could end up paying close to the cost of the bike in maintenance by the end of the season. Since most mechanical issues happen in the drive train, the fixie’s simplicity will pay you back big time.

They’re Durable

With fewer moving parts such as derailleurs, shifters, and in some cases brakes, fixies simply have less to break. Most mechanical issues with geared bikes happen within the drive train, and usually needs to be replaced or repaired more often than any other part of the bike. By leaving out some of the more breakable pieces and running single speed, you can expect to make a lot less trips to your local bike shop.

They’re Super Sexy

There is something about the endless opportunity to express yourself through your fixie that makes it oh so sweet. The minimalist design speaks for itself, and the colors you choose will only add to that. With every Venice Fixie, we’ve created the combinations so you can have a little piece of the iconic Venice Boardwalk, (freaks not included).


Perhaps one of the best parts about riding a fixed-gear bike is the overall experience. The relationship between bike and rider is as inexplicable as the difference between driving a car with manual transmission, but just as profound. We know you’re going to love your new fixie, so come roll with some of Venice’s finest!


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